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Dismantling vehicles - dismantling cars in ireland

We buy cars for dismantling ,vehicles after an accident and vehicle with mechanical problems

cars of any kind and in any condition with the approval of the local council .
we buy  vehicles after an accident.
we buy  a car without a driving test.
we buy  an old car.
we buy  a car with a broken engine.

We are working in accordance with ELV directive,
and ensure deregistering your car in the national vehicle driver file.

we will issue a certificate of destruction on your car.

 we Buy cars in the entire country!
we Give the best price in ireland!
we Buy any type of vehicle in any situation    
Get back to you within a few minutes!

This site works with the best professionals experts in the field of dismantling vehicles to help you  take care of your car before dismantling it.
These are the options and solutions for defected/scraped cars in Ireland
One. Dismantling vehicles – good second parts dismantling and metal recycling.
Two. Scrapping cars – draining toxic fluids and oils out of the dismantled vehicles.
Three. Metal recycling – crush the car as is and recycle the metal.
Further details and articles will be published soon.
 In the meantime you can call the professionals  to get the fastest service and the best price for your car.
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Ireland car Dismantlers-we buy cars!

If you are looking for a good opportunity to earn some extra cash,
and you have an old car waiting in the garage – now it's the time!

Ireland car Dismantlers will be happy to assist and provide you with the best service.
We will recycle your vehicle responsibly by all law rules with ELV directive accordance.
Your car will be deregistered with the NVDF to ensure you receive a certificate of destruction.
All our dismantling processes are environment friendly.

How we do it?
After receiving the certificate of destruction, the first stage is depollute the vehicle.
This process is done by removing all dangerous oils and liquids like fuel and coolant fluids.
Once separated – all the waste is disposed and sent to special hazardous facilities.
The vehicle is than dismantled from its tires, battery and other polluting materials.
In the end of the process the vehicle should be "naked" showing its metal chassis and body.
The car is than going through crashing and shredding process for recycling procedures.
This whole process is going through restrict laws to insure friendly environment methods.
The payment for your car is coming with a great bonus- helping a green world.

If you are thinking of dismantling a car you own – now is the best time ever to ensure
a decent payment with a huge recycling opportunity.

No cost for towing, no more payments for the old car and no more pollution out of it.

Just a simple as that!


Car dismantlers Belfast

Here are some of the questions you will need to ask before going to Car Dismantling in Belfast area:
What is the service package provided by Belfast dismantler's owner?
What is the current Market value of metal weight?
What is the service satisfaction status of this seller (by asking previous customers)?
Are there additional expenses other than those mentioned?
What are the exact requirements and maximum profits for your dismantled car?.....

Car dismantlers Northern Ireland
Service package provided by Northern Ireland dismantler owner.
Market value status of metal weight

Service satisfaction status of the Car dismantler business....
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